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9 MA Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Journalism International Journalism 2024



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MA Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Journalism International Journalism

A Master of Arts, also called an MA, is the name given to a degree generally granted after a bachelor’s degree has been obtained in a related field. An MA is a commonly awarded degree for studies in English, humanities, history, language and arts. Often, after one to three years of coursework and/or research, an academic paper or thesis is written or an exam taken as a final requirement to achieve the degree.

What is an MA in International Journalism? The world of journalism is changing quickly in this day and age. With technological, cultural and political change in this world, the field of journalism is rapidly evolving. A degree in international journalism will provide students with a context for world events while allowing them to develop their own journalistic voice.

As journalism is a career that links world events with society, a degree in international journalism provides a rich education for contextualizing the world we live in. Regardless of whether students choose to pursue journalism or move on to other careers, a journalism degree is great place to start.

Depending on the length of the program and which school one chooses to attend, students may find a range of costs for an MA in International Journalism. Students should carefully research the institutions and the costs involved.

An MA in International Journalism prepares students for many in-demand careers. Graduates are prepared to work in journalism jobs such as editors, news reporters, writers or consultants. Government agencies often hire those with journalism degrees. In addition, students often choose to move on to a PhD program or other higher education degree.

Online degrees in international journalism offer the advantage of giving students flexible schedules and the freedom to do coursework from any location. For many students, this is the best way to pursue a degree. To get started with a course, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.