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15 MA Programs in Economic Studies Economics International Economics 2024



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MA Programs in Economic Studies Economics International Economics

A Master of Arts in International Economics prepares you for a career in international business and relationships. As technology provides more opportunities in emerging overseas markets, it is imperative to understand the global economy and cultural influences that determine business success.

What is an MA in International Economics? This degree is a more specialized look into the worldwide economical market. Along with in-depth micro- and macro-economic classes, you will study trade and finance between countries, as well as the political climate and how it affects the economy and free flow of trade. Many programs will include a specialized capstone project that is indicative of your own interest and research into an aspect of the global economy.

An international economics master’s program relates how culture and politics will determine the exchange of capital goods and services between nations. If you want a place in international business, this degree can open the door.

The costs for an MA in International Economics will be determined by the university that you attend. Fees and tuition vary from school to school. With this degree, you may have prerequisites that you will need to meet before taking the advanced classes in the program, which could add to the costs.

With a Master of International Economics, you can expect to work in either the private or public sector. Many government positions in foreign relations could be open to you. Businesses that want to trade goods overseas will need people with international backgrounds to facilitate relations between companies. You will also have the credentials to teach in academia.

Understanding the international market gives you an edge in the business and financial community. You can become a leader who develops and implements valuable marketing programs that take into account the cultural attitudes and economics of new markets. Take the first step toward a better career in finance. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.