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17 MA Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Communication International Communication 2024



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MA Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Communication International Communication

Rooted in the humanities field is a post-graduate degree called a Master of Arts (MA) degree. Students concentrate on the fine arts, philosophy, and social sciences when pursuing such a degree. With their extensive knowledge, they are able to achieve their goals as they relate to their current or future careers.

What is an MA in International Communication? This degree works toward an understanding of the ever-broadening multi-cultural landscape of global interaction in politics, marketing, and international relations. As European, Asian, North and South American, and African economies expand their relationships to one another, there is a need for in-depth analysis and effective strategies for promoting successful communication between cultures. An MA encourages critical thinking on contemporary cultural practice, and skills in creating and maintaining cultural projects. The program will often include a combination of theory and practical work.

An MA in International Communication equips the student with a functional understanding of a variety of evolving elements in global and regional media. In today’s environment, it is important to distinguish how different cultures are employing forces such as social media and censorship. There are communication implications for trade, politics, health, and public relations. An MA can be a step toward team leadership in business, or toward further research and a doctoral degree.

The cost of a master’s degree can vary from institution to institution, and from country to country. To find out about a specific program’s registration fees and tuition requirements, it is best to contact the school directly.

A master’s degree in International Communication opens up career possibilities in a range of media. The degree prepares one for a position in press services, broadcasting, information services, advertising, arts administration, public relations, and research. Education and public policy are also areas that benefit from a background in international communications. Expanding markets may offer more opportunities for those graduates with a strong sense of the intricacies of global diversity.

If you are interested in this area of advanced education, there’s no reason to wait. There are many institutions that you can look into, in order to find which will work the best for your situation. Explore our extensive database for a variety of international programs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office and the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.