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11 MA Programs in Business Studies Entrepreneurship Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2024



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MA Programs in Business Studies Entrepreneurship Innovation and Entrepreneurship

An MA, or Master of Arts, is a graduate-level degree that is awarded to students who have demonstrated a specific level of mastery in fields of the humanities, social sciences or fine arts. This is a basic degree that takes either one or two years to complete and is sometimes offered on a part-time basis for professionals.

What is an MA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship? Students in this program usually learn to incorporate innovation as they become leaders in the workplace. They develop the skills and strategies necessary for managing teams and organizations. Classes often cover the foundations of entrepreneurship and innovation, international entrepreneurship, contemporary issues, and global socialization. Additionally, students might have the chance to participate in scenarios that reinforce the use of their developing skills

Students can develop critical thinking skills, the ability to identify opportunities and assess risks, and methods of developing sustainable solutions. Students often work with faculty members who are active in their own entrepreneurial pursuits or leaders in the world of business and innovation.

The cost of tuition and related expenses can be different from one school to another, especially as schools are located in a number of different countries. For accurate information regarding costs, prospective students should contact the individual schools of their choice.

Graduates become leaders of innovative teams or professionals in their own startups, corporations or public agencies. They could find jobs in many industries, such as marketing, finance, project management and sales. They may successfully spearhead the development of their own professional organization or seek positions within large corporations, heading up teams and providing consultation services. Some graduates move into fields such as engineering or the arts and put their ability to create innovative solutions to good use.

If these opportunities sound exciting to you, take a moment to review the schools on the program listing. Use the lead forms to get more information about the schools that seem most appropriate. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.