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20 MA Programs in Technology Studies Information Technology 2024



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MA Programs in Technology Studies Information Technology

Obtaining a master's degree may provide graduates with career paths for those with advanced skills, critical thinking abilities, and business savvy acquired from a university. With an MA, students can position themselves to compete for some of the fast-growing jobs in their industry.

What is an MA in IT? An advanced degree in IT, the master’s degree gives students the opportunity to go beyond basic knowledge in order to gain an understanding of integrated design and technology theory, and to develop the applied technical skills necessary for success. Students focus on gaining technical competence, learning critical thinking and analytical skills, and gaining business perspective and leadership experience. Typical coursework includes principles of information technology, emerging technologies, regulations and compliance, advanced networking technology, and project management.

With a master’s degree, students can focus on IT management in addition to gaining technical expertise. Graduating with a MA in IT, students are poised to lead new development and manage complex technology teams to advance the field. Whether students are entering the program right after undergraduate studies or attending part-time while working as a full-time IT professional, a master’s degree can give them a competitive edge.

Because IT programs are offered around the world, costs may vary. Contact programs that you are interested in attending to learn more about costs and courses of study offered.

The combination of technical expertise, telecommunications theory, and business and management skills gained in an MA program can give students a competitive edge in a growing field. Whether you hope to be a software developer or a network system analyst, IT jobs offer competitive salaries. With a master’s degree, students are also prepared to enter into leadership roles in telecommunications industries. As a technology director or lead developer, you not only get the opportunity to showcase your technical skills but also to lead advanced technology projects.

Few careers offer as much earning potential and opportunities for innovation as IT. With an MA in IT, you can prepare yourself for a role as an industry leader. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.