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4 MA Programs in Humanities Studies Language Studies German Studies 2024



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MA Programs in Humanities Studies Language Studies German Studies

Upon completion of their bachelor’s degree, some students wish to continue their studies and enrich their knowledge of their field. For these students, pursuing a Master of Arts is often a rewarding investment. A Master of Arts typically takes two years to complete and requires a bachelor’s degree for admission.

What is an MA in German Studies? Oftentimes, students in these programs spend most of their time studying the German language and culture. As such, students may take other classes related to these topics, such as European history and economy, international relations, and politics. German literature is likely to be a central point of study; students pursuing a Master of Arts in this field may spend much time in language courses and literary theory to heighten their understanding and interpretation of German texts.

This area of study yields strengthened research and critical thinking skills, useful for everyday learning and conversational competence. Students may also gain a broadened understanding of Germany in the wider context of Europe. Finally, with this program, individuals may attain advanced language proficiency in German, a valuable lifelong skill.

The cost of an MA program varies depending on which university you choose to attend and where that university is located. Because of the different cost options, contacting an academic advisor with your specific financial questions is advisable.

Upon graduation, students in German Studies master’s programs often pursue careers as researchers and educators; these positions range from instructor to advisor. Due to advanced levels of language capacity, graduates also often become writers, editors or sociolinguists. Others may choose to work in positions of international relations. Still more individuals go into business development and economics after attaining an in-depth understanding of German culture and society.

Many MA program options in German studies can only be completed onsite via face-to-face instruction and lectures. However, some online options are available. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.