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24 MA Programs in Art Studies Fine Arts Fine Arts Studies 2024



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MA Programs in Art Studies Fine Arts Fine Arts Studies

After finishing college, students can opt to seek yet higher education in the form of a Master of Arts degree. An MA degree can qualify graduates for a number of high-level career opportunities, as well as providing them with a strong foundation of expertise in their area of study.

What is an MA in Fine Arts Studies? This academic field specializes in the various ways of assessing and discussing fine art. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to contribute their opinions to this field, and so coursework tends to emphasize discussion groups. Some programs incorporate a study of music into the degree, while others focus exclusively on visual arts. In either case, students generally take courses in art theory, art criticism and history of art.

One important personal benefit of this path of study is that it can allow graduates a better appreciation for the fine arts. With the tools needed to discuss and critique art, graduates can begin to form a better sense of their own taste and preferences.

Each MA in Fine Arts Studies will involve different costs, including tuition and enrollment fees. Get in contact with each school directly for more specific information about these costs.

An MA in Fine Arts Studies can open the door to a number of careers. An eye for art can be a particularly marketable talent when it comes to art museums and galleries, at which graduates can find work as art critics, art museum curators, collectors and gallery directors. Another option for those students who would rather remain within the realm of the academic study of fine arts is to obtain teaching credentials and become teachers or professors.

If you wish to apply to an MA in Fine Arts Studies program, the first step is narrowing down your list of options to those schools that best match your interests and needs. Our searchable database can help you do so.  Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.