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76 MA Programs in Art Studies Fine Arts 2024



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MA Programs in Art Studies Fine Arts

Individuals who want to pursue art education at the master’s level can obtain their MA in Fine Arts through programs around the world. With this advanced degree, graduates can use their creative talents to expand their employment opportunities.

Are you an artistically-inclined individual who has considered getting an advanced degree? Perhaps you’ve wondered, “What is an MA in Fine Arts?” This is a graduate-level degree in the arts, with specific focuses in areas such as creative writing, filmmaking, performing arts, photography, and visual arts. Some concentrations are broken down even further. For example, creative writing students may concentrate on fiction, poetry, or nonfiction, and visual artists may work specifically in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, or collage. Students practice their techniques as well as gain academic knowledge in theory, art movements, and history.

In addition to refining one’s craft through advanced education, a master’s degree opens doors in terms of career opportunities. For example, graduates with MAs can teach classes at community colleges or art schools. Having this certification also allows individuals to be respected in their art communities as graduate-level degrees demonstrate expertise.

The fees to cover tuition and registration fees for an MA in Fine Arts varies, depending on whether a student studies abroad in a foreign country, stays closer to home, takes courses online, or enrolls in an in-person program. It’s wise to contact the desired school to find out about fee structures for the current school year.

The type of career one can expect with an MA in Fine Arts will vary depending on the student’s focus. For example, creative writers can find work as community college instructors, private college instructors, freelance writers, and editors. Those who focus on one of the other genres may become artists-in-residence, curators of museums, cinematographers, photographers, or instructors. These are just a few of the options available to individuals who hold a prestigious master’s degree in one of the arts.

If you want to take your artistic talent and passion to the next step, obtaining a graduate degree can help you do just that. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.