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35 MA Programs in Performing Arts Film Studies Film Production 2024



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MA Programs in Performing Arts Film Studies Film Production

An MA (Master of Arts) is a path of study that generally takes multiple years to complete and requires high-level coursework in a given field. Once graduated, students can opt to enter the workforce or to continue their education in their area of interest.

What is an MA in Production? This particular MA degree is focused on the many components that together make possible film production. Producing, directing, production design, cinematography and screenwriting are among the most common topics of study for students enrolled in these programs. Coursework is designed to build technical skill and foster creative expression in each of these areas, and therefore the learning is often hands-on. Depending on the particular program, students may get a chance to produce documentaries, drama films or digital shorts to be evaluated on the quality and effectiveness of their work.

For many students, the largest benefit to taking an MA in Production is the opportunity this path of study presents for contributing to the ever-expanding entertainment industry. Many people grow up loving film, but few get the chance to try their hand at actually producing it.

MA in Production programs vary in cost from school to school, in part based on each school's size and location. The best resource for specific information regarding a program's tuition and other fees is the school's admissions office.

Students who graduate with an MA in Production are well on their way to building successful and rewarding careers within the film industry. The degree is perhaps most applicable to positions as film producers, but graduates have such a wide range of skills that they are often also able to work well as production designers, editors and screenwriters. The types of projects graduates can choose to pursue also vary greatly, from animated television shows to documentaries. On the other hand, graduates may decide not to enter the film industry and instead join the ranks of academia as film scholars. This path generally requires more education, but can be just as gratifying.

Over all, this course of study has much to offer any aspiring film producer. If you are interested in learning more about the degree and the various programs currently available to students, search through our database of schools. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.