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23 MA Programs in Humanities Studies Language Studies English Studies 2024



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MA Programs in Humanities Studies Language Studies English Studies

An MA or Master of Arts is typically a one-to-two-year graduate degree in a focused field of study within the humanities or social sciences.

What is an MA in English Studies? Students who pursue this advanced degree may expect to encounter a variety of coursework, including the study of literature written in English, English as a second language, linguistics, the history of the English language and possibly even comparative literature and mythology. Some programs may include coursework that focuses on pedagogy, that is, the teaching of English and language arts.

An MA in English Studies is valuable in that it may yield a variety of skills that are transferable to many careers. You will likely improve your communication and especially your writing skills, your critical thinking skills and your ability to understand and explain history and culture. While these skills and this knowledge set is useful in many careers, it is also useful in life.

The cost of a program that offers an MA in English Studies can vary widely depending on the specific program. Since cost is a factor for many students, this is something you likely want to investigate when looking at various programs.

An MA in English Studies may support you in a variety of career choices. Many choose this degree because they want to work as educators, but it’s also useful for those interested in becoming writers, attorneys and business owners. Because the skills gleaned from a Master of Arts are applicable to many careers, there are many viable options available, including the pursuit of a doctoral degree.

Because advanced degrees in English are so flexible, they tend to be popular. This means you have many options for pursuing an MA in English Studies online and on campuses around the world. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.