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    MA Programs in Educational Leadership

    People seek master’s degrees for many reasons. In the field of education, a master’s degree can aid one’s movement up the ladder in a school system. It can also increase a person’s salary. An MA can assist with these goals and prepare students for further study in a doctoral program.

    What is an MA in Educational Leadership? This is a degree that offers career growth to educators. It can enable teachers and other educational professionals to become school administrators, such as principals or superintendents. There are degree schemes for primary, secondary and university education professionals. Typical course offerings include topics such as educational technology, public policy, conflict resolution and organizational theory. This degree is often obtained to meet state certification requirements for an administrative position.

    Candidates for the MA in Educational Leadership learn many skills to bring with them into the workforce. Scholars learn management skills to build leadership abilities as well as organizational skills. In addition, they are taught technology skills that can be transferred to fields outside of education.

    There is a large variance in costs among degree schemes in educational leadership, depending on the school and its location. If you study full-time, this degree program can often be completed in one to two years.

    Those who have completed the MA in Educational Leadership are often able to teach at public and private schools. They are often recruited for administrative positions in school systems, universities and other educational institutions. Many principals have an MA in Educational Leadership, and often these individuals move up the ladder to district-wide positions in administration, such as instructional coordinators, supervisors, or directors. In higher learning institutions, individuals may work as registrars, college provosts or deans of students or faculty.

    The MA in Educational Leadership is offered by many universities all around the world. Online programs are very popular for those who need freedom and flexibility. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.