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6 MA Programs in Law Studies Policy Economic Policy 2024



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MA Programs in Law Studies Policy Economic Policy

A Master of Arts program often focuses on an area of liberal arts, such as literature, arts or philosophy. Master’s programs may require only one or two years to complete but will open up many employment opportunities with long-lasting benefits. These programs are available to students who have already completed an undergraduate degree.

What is an MA in Economic Policy? Depending upon the specific focus chosen by the student, the study of economic policy could involve courses in applied policy, the development of economic policies, integral economic development or macroeconomics. Students will look at the interplay between organizations or societies as they are affected by politics and changes in economies. The program covers subjects that prepare students to analyze and affect policies, often with a global impact.

Students develop technical skills to produce results based on clear information and an accurate understanding of macro- and microeconomic environments. Students of the program also develop the skills they need to design and nurture their own economic programs, with the ability to evaluate the efficacy of those programs. Throughout the program, students earn valuable perspectives important to ethical initiatives and institutions.

The cost of attendance in these programs can vary a great deal and be affected by the cost of living surrounding the school. This is particularly true as schools are situated in a number of countries. For accurate information about tuition and other costs, prospective students should contact schools individually.

Graduates from this type of program find positions in local and national governments, private corporations, banks, nonprofit organizations, advisory boards and global health and nutrition agencies. Job opportunities can be found with local and international organizations, offering graduates access to rewarding careers on a worldwide playing field. Other opportunities include access to research and education positions or highly paid consulting positions. Some job titles include policy analysts and economic managers.

If the chance to positively affect communities on a worldwide level appeals to you, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.