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7 MA Programs in Performing Arts Theater studies Directing 2024



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MA Programs in Performing Arts Theater studies Directing

A Master of Arts degree is pursued by students who have completed a bachelor’s program and want to expand their knowledge and credentials in a certain artistic field. These programs enable students to narrow their professional focus before moving on from academia.

What is an MA in Directing? This degree provides important tools for students who want to direct either theatrical or cinematic productions. Courses will likely cover terminology and theories relating to the student’s preferred medium. Master’s degree candidates in a directing course may work with acting students from other programs, allowing individuals to test their abilities in a practical setting. Classes may also include genre studies, sound and lighting, basic filmmaking courses and script analysis.

Completing an MA in Directing often entails learning useful skills, such as communication, creative thinking and artistic vision. These talents can help a future director develop a distinct artistic voice, as well as providing skills necessary in many other facets of life.

How much one pays for a Master of Arts degree hinges on the particular university and the exact focus of the program. Learning about the specifics of pricing is best done by contacting an admissions office directly.

Earning an MA in Directing is an important step in what can be a very fulfilling career. If the graduate’s directing degree is focused on theatre, he or she can immediately look for work as an assistant director, assistant stage manager or production assistant. For those who focus on film, there are plenty of production crew jobs available in cities around the world. Some graduates may be able to secure financing and direct their own projects, while others will look to become artistic directors at performance venues and studios.

There are excellent master’s programs for directors at small and large universities around the globe. To get more information, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.