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30 MA Programs in Social Sciences Political Science Diplomacy 2024



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MA Programs in Social Sciences Political Science Diplomacy

A Master of Arts (MA) is a degree that can be earned in a variety of universities and a variety of countries. The MA typically focuses on topics relating to the humanities such as geography, communication, fine arts, diplomacy, and more. Students are often given better employment opportunities with such a degree.

What is an MA in Diplomacy? In response to the growing demand for decision-making professionals in governmental settings, this degree instructs students in a number of specialized skills, offering a broad knowledge base that allows them to participate in solving many of the world’s most difficult problems. Graduates may be called upon to help various governments cooperate, defuse tense situations, and foster peace. This degree tends to attract passionate students with interests in diverse yet related fields such as government, business, law enforcement, military, journalism, and the non-profit sector. Most programs require courses in history, international relations, political science, and ethics.

A degree in diplomacy offers many benefits, not the least of which is the number of high paying positions available. Graduates attain skills and knowledge that allow them to analyze a wide variety of international issues. They gain insight into global issues and often take an active role in diplomatic processes. Consequently, they often find themselves at the center of international events in a wide range of capacities. An added bonus for some is the opportunity to travel and experience other cultures. Students in these programs often wish to make a difference in the world.

Many colleges and universities around the world offer this degree in a variety of settings including online options, as well as brick and mortar classrooms. Typically, programs run between one and two years. The cost can vary from school to school, depending on things like geographic location, format, and whether the school is public or private.

With a degree in diplomacy, graduates may qualify for a large number of governmental and private sector fields including international trade, international relations, and security. Conflict management, foreign policy analysis, governance, education, and non-profit work are some other careers that graduates may find interesting. Graduates may also find success as private consultants, contractors, and political advisors.

Diplomacy programs can be highly competitive, so it is important for students to apply at their earliest convenience. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.