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14 MA Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Communication Digital Communication 2024



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MA Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Communication Digital Communication

Having a master’s degree implies mastery of a specific academic discipline. A master’s is the next highest degree up from a bachelor’s and reflects a level of training that is higher than average but not yet at a doctorate level. Obtaining a master’s degree can be a powerful tool in improving job prospects and increasing earning potential, as well as a great personal achievement.

What is an MA in Digital Communication? This is a higher-level academic degree that reflects strong expertise of history, practical application and best practices in the field of communication with emphasis on digital technology. Classroom study focuses on learning the ins and outs of visual communication principles, including movement and composition in digital environments as well as gaining tactical knowledge of relevant software applications. Students learn hands-on methods of applying emerging technology to communication dilemmas via courses in digital media ethics and gain important skills in critical visual analysis via design-related courses.

There are numerous benefits to pursuing a master’s degree, not the least being the sense of personal gain. Graduates also typically experience a rapid expansion of job opportunities as they find the degree qualifies them to apply for new positions.

How much your graduate degree costs depends on which school you attend, the number of classes you take and whether you qualify for financial aid, scholarships and grants. To get the best answer, call your prospective school directly and touch bases with the admissions office.

Armed with an MA in Digital Communication, graduates often qualify for any number of jobs in the digital communication and media arts fields. Graduates often find positions as social media coordinators, digital journalists, public relations specialists and telecommunications specialists. Marketing opportunities can include online marketing specialist and interactive ad designer.

You too can unlock new opportunities with a graduate degree. Get started today -  search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.