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65 MA Programs in Social Sciences Development Studies 2024



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MA Programs in Social Sciences Development Studies

The field of development studies blends social sciences and international relations to address the issues of poverty and economic inequality. An advanced degree prepares students for careers that take action to alleviate the problems associated with these inequities.

What is an MA in Development Studies? The field of development studies incorporates several disciplines to gain an understanding of the complex elements of advancement. Students will master economics, anthropology, ecology and political sociology and study development processes at global, regional and local levels. Discussion of the means and tools for evaluation, design and management of programs prepares the graduate for a leading role in cultural improvements. Courses emphasize communication, networking and advocacy to enable successful candidates to facilitate change. Specializations are offered in development as it relates to economics, politics, conflict and sociology. Foreign study is encouraged and an internship is mandatory in many programs. A master’s thesis is often required.

The advantages of this course of study are both personal and global in scale. Individuals gain a better appreciation of cultural diversity and develop skills to improve interpersonal relations. The world benefits from the contributions realized when depressed areas experience growth.

The cost of pursuing this field varies according to school, location and course requirements. Applicants with previous related education or experience may qualify for advanced standing. Students should research their possibilities for the choice that best fulfills their desires and interests.

Careers in the field can be global or local in scope. Prospective employers include governments, aid organizations, international institutions and development agencies. Researchers are needed within educational, corporate and governmental settings. Graduates are equipped for careers as program and financial analysts, economists and policymakers. Opportunities are available in international business and finance as well. Professionals may also choose to practice in developing countries.

An advanced degree in development studies has global reach, providing means to improve living conditions in depressed areas. To begin your career in this rewarding field, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.