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MA Programs in Design Studies

Earning a Masters in Design Studies can elevate design students to new levels of leadership in their field. An MA in design takes the student on an in-depth journey into the intricacies of design theory and practice.

People may wonder, "What is an MA in Design Studies?" An MA in a design field is a graduate-level degree that encourages the student to think critically about aspects of design such as the historical, theoretical and social implications of design. MA programs related to design may include Design and Technology, Fashion Studies, Architectural Theory, Sustainability and Design and other specialized programs.

Masters programs allow the student to tailor his or her educational experience to his or her unique and specific interests in the field of design. The student is challenged to innovate, and to think critically about all aspects of the field. Studying at the MA level allows design practitioners to learn and incorporate a higher level of research and theory into their work. Furthermore, achieving an MA can give practitioners a job-seeking advantage in a competitive environment. Engaging in an MA program may also give the student opportunities to improve upon his or her design portfolio.

Programs around the world and from institution to institution can vary widely when it comes to cost. Students should carefully research costs related to the program of their choice.

People who are passionate about design may seek a career that is creative, cerebral and hands-on. After completing an MA in Design Studies, an individual may be qualified to pursue a career in different disciplines including marketing, graphic design, urban planning, industrial design, interior design, fashion design and many other fields. Designers of mobile apps and other technological innovations are in high demand. Careers in design allow the designer to touch and shape the world that we live in.

Individuals seeking to further their education in design may be able to complete much or all of their coursework online. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.