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87 MA Programs in Humanities Studies Composition Studies 2024



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MA Programs in Humanities Studies Composition Studies

For students looking to go the next step after earning a bachelor’s degree, an MA, or Master of Arts, degree may be the perfect choice. Usually best suited for studies that include social science, humanities, or art, an MA can be applicable in many fields of study.

What is an MA in Composition Studies? An MA in Composition Studies can be specifically focused on the art of creating written projects. This can include intense studies of creative writing, professional writing, and dramatic writing. When you have completed an MA in Composition program, you can expect to have a wide-ranging knowledge of how to write well and use words effectively. You may study grammar as well as many different aspects of English.

Knowledge of how to write can make it easier to communicate with others, both personally and professionally. A better understanding of rhetoric used in writing can help you see issues from more than one side. Knowledge of how to properly compose a new piece can help you think in a more organized way and get projects done more efficiently.

The cost of an MA in Composition Studies can vary depending on several factors. Some things that can be considered when looking into the cost of this degree are where the courses are being taken and what prerequisites must be met.

Having an MA in Composition Studies can open up a wide range of career options. With this degree, you can expect to do something that involves a lot of writing. You can work as a journalist for a newspaper or magazine, or become an author who publishes your own books. You can also explore the world of plays and screenwriting and work to create new scripts for movies as well as other productions. Many of these careers can be very self-driven and creative endeavors.

When thinking about working for an MA in Composition Studies, you can consider taking classes at a traditional university or online.  Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.