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MA Programs in Humanities Studies Theology Christian Studies

The Masters of Arts degree is pursued by thousands of students around the world each year. Also known as an MA, this postgraduate degree often takes around one to two years to complete. They are offered in many different fields, including religion.

So exactly what is an MA in Christian Studies? This degree involves the study of one of the world’s largest religions, which has billions of adherents around the world. Students might study Christian history, theology, and philosophy, as well as the differences between various sects and the diverse cultural differences in Christianity around the world. Other topics might include Christian literature and art, as well as ministry training. Identification with a specific faith is not necessarily required to pursue a degree in Christian studies.

A number of benefits are available to those with a degree in Christian studies. Students are likely to find that a number of skills may be enhanced, including problem solving, critical thinking, communication, and leadership abilities. In addition, those with a graduate degree have a valuable advantage in their search for employment.

The cost of earning an MA in Christian Studies will vary from program to program. Students should carefully research the institutions in which they are interested so they can create a financial plan for their studies.

A number of different careers can be pursued by graduates of an MA program in Christian studies. Many students choose to become ministers or chaplains of their respective faiths, working in churches, charities, and other nonprofit faith organizations. Others find work in counseling or ministry in hospitals, airports, or even the military. Those who do not wish to pursue careers in ministry can become historians, writers, analysts, activists, or counselors.

If you’d like to earn an MA in Christian Studies, start now. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.