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MA Programs in Social Sciences Area studies

Earning a Master in Humanities and Social Sciences is a great choice for individuals interested in human behavior and thought in the context of literature, history, the arts and philosophy. Graduates can work in a wide range of fields including academia, the arts, non-profits and journalism.

Prospective students frequently ask, what is an MA in Humanities and Social Sciences? Humanities and the social sciences encompass a very broad group of topics, and a degree can help better equip graduates to understanding the building blocks of liberal arts. Students can pick from a wide range of courses to match their interests, as there are degrees offered in many subjects.

One benefit of a degree in humanities and social sciences is that it can help further one’s prospects in many different careers. Students are taught critical thinking skills that are applicable for solving a wide variety of problems. The coursework for MA in Humanities and Social Sciences programs also includes an emphasis on writing, research, communications, and public speaking.

The cost for a Master in Humanities and Social Sciences can vary depending on the program and location of the school. Prospective students should speak with school admissions officers directly in order to confirm program fees and registration costs.

Graduates of the program can find employment in a variety of fields. One such area is the arts in positions including museum administrators or curators. Other options include obtaining jobs at non-profits or pursuing writing careers. Some choose to teach or go on to other graduate programs including pursuing a legal degree or a PhD.

Many institutions structure their programs with flexibility in mind. There are numerous online degree programs which may be better suited for people who live further from large metropolitan areas. Browse our comprehensive database to start exploring the many different educational and geographic options.

Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.