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Yunnan University Of Finance & Economics

Yunnan University Of Finance &  Economics


Not every youth in China gets the opportunity to enjoy college life. Today, for every 100 young people, there are only about 20 of them who are lucky enough to step into the campus of a university.

Nevertheless, not every college student can complete their training and leave their mark like others in the university. While students go live their college lives by making a choice, the college is selectively fostering her students as well. We hope that those who chose Yunnan University of Finance and Economics (YUFE) are the ones with a vision for the future and the ambition to realize it. But still, we are not going to deny that utilitarian thinking plays an important role when choosing a university. For example, some of your relatives or friends may persuade you to enroll in YUFE for its practicability, and maybe that is truly one of our strengths: the effective knowledge and skills training provided by the university can contribute a lot to your personal development in the future. However, the help it gives to one's overall development is limited. What we intend to teach our students are concerns about society, about themselves, about others, and also a professional and pragmatic spirit, so that they can gain a sound personality, mentality, and physique as well as the skills and knowledge required in the modern world. And when our students leave the university, they will be able to actively play their roles in different fields, contributing to society while building their own careers.

It is hard to master all the knowledge and skills, and even harder to know the truth in life. Though YUFE can create a favorable environment for studying, we are still not able to realize every student's dream. What we offer is an opportunity to grow for thousands of young people, as they design and build their own "engines" for long-term growth.

And that is the essence of college life. We sincerely hope you hold on to this when you choose YUFE and think independently to handle the relation between university and personal development. If you can do that, then we believe YUFE will be a truly valuable choice in your life, and you will have a meaningful and fruitful college life.


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