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Washington College

Washington College

Washington College


Founded in 1782, Washington College was the first college chartered in the sovereign United States of America. General George Washington lent us his name, donated 50 guineas to our founding, and served on our first Board of Visitors and Governors. Our goal back then was to cultivate responsible citizen-leaders. Nowadays, we’re committed to giving our students the chance to succeed on their own terms through purposeful choices, enabling a healthy and regenerative global community.

Washington College students work closely with exceptional faculty on projects they are passionate about. With independent research facilitated by programs like the Cater Society and Toll Fellows and hands-on learning experiences, our students have access to amazing opportunities no matter what they’re studying. Print a chapbook on the antique letterpresses in the Rose O’Neill Literary House, scan the Chester River from aboard one of the Center for Environment & Society research vessels or study American history in our colonial town with the Starr Center. Fuse ancient wisdom and modern science with the Eastern Shore Food Lab to optimize human and environmental health.


  • Chestertown

    Washington Avenue,300, 21620, Chestertown


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