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Executive Master in Interactive Design: Virtual and Augmented Reality

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Who knows how to do, teaches.

The leases the Academy branch of Sida ( specialized in the provision of Masters and Executive Masters which in the near future will integrate the platform with methods, approaches, products and solutions of a Digital Business School.

The mission of is to make available to students, managers, companies and public bodies a complete service of educational activities through refresher and specialization educational courses, Executive Masters and University Masters and Full Masters.

The training is provided in all modalities: from the classroom in presence to virtual reality, from live streaming to remote, from tutoring to coaching, using the most suitable teaching methods including role playing, flipped classroom, cooperative learning, peer education up to the laboratory.

The guarantee of added value is obtained through blended training, structured and delivered thanks to digital in a tailored way on the learner.

Why choose Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

The importance of immersive technologies for professionals and companies. In recent times Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are revolutionizing business models, generating a profound change.

If the first aims at active involvement, bringing the user into an abstract yet very real dimension, the second merges technology and reality by introducing virtual elements and information into the user's environment.

Both technologies are evolving rapidly and thanks to their application, companies are entering what has been called the third era of IT and they need professionals who know how to manage these technologies.

"Today we are in a historical moment in which we can learn how to make apps without having the app store", says Andrea Giansanti, coordinator of the executive master so we need to anticipate the times and acquire both technical and theoretical skills to know what was fact and what are the right practices to apply, so that a series of new scenarios can be built. At the moment they are still niche because the diffusion of headsets is not yet so widespread. The direction is to proceed towards the generalization of skills and discover the existence of more software and then know how to integrate them into the various technologies.

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