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Voxel School Máster en Concept Art
Voxel School

Máster en Concept Art

Madrid, Spain

10 Months


Full time

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Oct 2024

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Blended, On-Campus


Develops first-level technical and artistic capabilities to address the artistic conceptualization of video game, film and advertising projects in their pre-production phases.

Achieve highly specialized training in the field of design, pre-production of the visual section and artistic direction of a digital-based creative project.

During the master's degree, delve deeper into the techniques of digital drawing and painting with professional editing and digital image processing software, also learning to implement 3D tools that will facilitate your production processes.

The master's degree has a project workshop in which you will have the option of developing a professional portfolio as well as being part of a multidisciplinary collective project of the school through which you can give visibility to your work in the industry, attend fairs, competitions and professional festivals.

You will be able to focus on a wide variety of sectors such as video games, animated films, live-action films, series, visual communication and advertising.

Are they official titles?

In the case of the master's degrees, they are their own degrees whose purpose is to connect the student with the industry both through teachers and projects with companies.

In the case of the master's degrees from the Complutense University of Madrid, they are permanent training programs awarded by the Complutense University of Madrid.

The Spanish university grants two types of master's degrees: University Master's Degree and Permanent Training Master's Degree. The first type is indicated for students who want to access a doctorate and subsequently a teaching career at the university. The second type, among which are the Voxel School qualifications, is designed as a professional qualification that connects the student with the industrial fabric to find a job there.


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