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About Us

Vistula University is, together with The Vistula School of Hospitality (formerly the Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management), one of the major pillars of the dynamically developing Vistula Group of Universities. Both institutions operate on one campus in Warsaw. In 2014, they were joined by the University of Business in Wrocław, and in 2018, by Józef Gieysztor Academy of Humanities in Pułtusk and Olsztyn University.

The Vistula Group of Universities means 27 years of experience on the market. It blends tradition and the most innovative trends in the world of science. The Group’s Universities are bound together by a common mission. We provide young people with the knowledge that they will need in the future. We stand out for our practical degree profiles that provide to our graduates a guarantee of success in the labor market in the dynamically changing economic environment in Poland and Europe. Our academics are recognized by scientific authorities and practitioners. We closely cooperate with business and international organizations.

Currently, we are educating over 5,000 young people from 83 countries. Our lecturers come from all continents and our students can study in 40 countries, as part of the Erasmus program. Openness to the world contributes to the unique learning environment of the Vistula Group of Universities. Polish students no longer have to travel abroad if they wish to study and hone their skills in an international environment.

At the Vistula Group of Universities, we draw on the energy and opportunities generated by mutual cooperation of five institutions of higher education.

Why Vistula

Choose Vistula University and the Vistula School of Hospitality (formerly Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management) These reputable universities, founded by Poland’s leading experts, are well-established in the education market. We collaborate closely with businesses and support enterprising students, which makes us unique in the Polish education market.


Prestigious diploma

  1. We are one of the five best public and private universities, according to the Perspektywy education portal’s 2015 ranking of universities.
  2. According to the Home & Market monthly, Vistula University is the Best Business Partner out of all Polish universities.
  3. The following accreditations of international academic societies bear testimony to that fact: The World Council and Assembly on Cooperative Education, EURASHE, CEEMAN – the most prestigious management accreditation awarded to universities.

You earn practical knowledge from reputable experts

Our teaching and research faculty consists of professionals who enjoy sharing the knowledge their acquired working in reputable companies and institutions, including: Professor Witold Orłowski – former presidential economic advisor and member of the National Development Council, Marek Kulczycki, PhD – President of FM Bank PBP, formerly working for the UN, Professor Krzysztof Rybiński – former Vice President of the National Bank of Poland, Professor Andrzej Olechowski – former Minister of Finance and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Professor Longin Pastusiak – former Vice President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Professor Jerzy M. Nowak – Vice President of the Euro-Atlantic Association, Professor Paweł Bożyk – member of the Senate of the United Nations University in Tokyo, Associate Professor Oskar Kowalewski, member of the editorial board of the Family Business Review magazine, Professor Jan Fazlagić – expert on managing knowledge, education, creativity, innovation and intellectual capital, Professor Roman Fulneczek – former President of the Management Board of Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeniowe Daewoo, Associate Professor Wojciech Kostecki – member of the Global Security Fellows Initiative, Aleksandra Wiktorow, PhD – Insurance Ombudsman, former Minister of Labour.

By collaborating with brilliant scholars from world-class universities, we ensure that the education we offer matches the real needs of the global job market.

You study in an international environment

  • Take a walk around campus, and you will hear almost every world language.
  • You will be able to participate in internships and educational projects abroad, including projects in Germany, Spain, and Turkey.
  • If you so desire, you can participate in the Erasmus programme, and study at one of our 30 partner universities.
  • Vistula University also organizes the International Week event, during which you will have the opportunity to participate in lectures by professors from abroad.
  • The Perspektywy education portal recognized our international promotion efforts in the Genius Universitatis 2014 contest.

We will prepare you for an international career

  1. Vistula University gives you the opportunity to participate in scholarship programmes, internships, as well as international projects carried out e.g. in China.
  2. You can also take advantage of JOB SPOT, an innovative student initiative which organizes lectures by business specialists and employee open days.
  3. Globalizer is yet another unique programme. It is the only programme in Poland which allows foreign students to write their theses in the form of projects. The aim is to support our companies by launching activities in the students’ countries of origin.

Online Programmes – study where and when you want

According to the research by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, distance learning programmes are perfect when it comes to professional training, as they perfectly mimic professional work. In October 2014, we established an advanced e-learning platform for the finance and accounting, economics and management programmes. The m-Vistula platform can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, using any device – be it a phone, tablet or a computer. You will earn the same type of degree as other students. The difference lies in how the curriculum is organised – 60% of the courses are distance-learning courses. More information available Here

Scholarships will help pay your tuition

The possibilities are numerous, starting from need-based scholarships, to scholarships for academic achievements, special assistance grants, disability scholarships and ministry scholarships for academic merit. More information available HERE

Stay in shape playing in one of our sports sections

For your disposal is a specious sports hall with an area of over 600 m2, adapted for playing basketball, volleyball, indoor football, badminton and aerobics (due to the excellent sound system). The university building features modern, professional equipment that will help you stay fit and shape your body. Students also have the opportunity to use the tennis courts located next to the college with a discount of 50%.

Study on a modern campus

The 29 000 m2 campus contains air-conditioned rooms, lecture halls with a capacity for hundreds of students, spacious classes, a reading room, library, gym, sports centre, as well as 2 restaurants serving dishes and snacks from all over the world. On warmer days, you can relax outdoors in the university’s spacious courtyard. The building is also accessible to the disabled.


The best way is to prepare our graduates for their future career by constantly modernizing the study technology and adapting our study program to the changing world.

Vision 2020

Vistula will be a university that best reads the challenges of the future. We want to be a first choice university for those who have the ambition to acquire knowledge and win the world.


  • Warsaw

    Stokłosy,3, 02-787, Warsaw