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University of Wroclaw Master in Sociology - Intercultural Mediation
University of Wroclaw

Master in Sociology - Intercultural Mediation

Wrocław, Poland

2 Years


Full time

15 Aug 2024*

01 Oct 2024

EUR 2,400 / per year **


* start date of admission: February 1st, 2024

** for EU citizens | €3650/year for non-EU citizens


MA in Sociology Intercultural Mediation programme gives you a unique chance to ask and seek answers to the big questions about social changes taking place every day around you (think about migrations, social movements, cultural transformations and many more). What are the reasons for these changes? What are their implications for the individual and the whole society?

We put great emphasis on the topic of Intercultural Mediation which means we help you understand how culture (in its great variety) informs social change and how it can be facilitated using the knowledge of how people create social groups, how they communicate, what kind of internal and external factors influence how society works. MA in Sociology Intercultural Mediation programme is an opportunity to study in a culturally open and intellectually stimulating environment with guidance from scholars and experts in a diverse range of fields of research and social practice of intercultural communication. The master's programme in sociology, specialisation in "Intercultural mediation" is offered by the Institute of Sociology at the University of Wroclaw. The Institute of Sociology was founded in 1988. It is the oldest research and educational centre in Wrocław offering BA and MA programmes in sociology based on highly qualified staff. The Institute of Sociology employs 52 academic teachers, including 40 assistant professors 12 associate professors and full professors. The Institute cooperates with a range of national and international academic partners.

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