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Utrecht University Master of Science in Marine Sciences
Utrecht University

Master of Science in Marine Sciences

Utrecht, Netherlands

2 Years


Full time

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EUR 2,209 / per year **


* Non-EU/EEA students: 1 April

** EU/EEA, Surinam or Swiss students; €20,750: International students


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Contribute to the Sustainable Use of Sea and Ocean Resources

Seas and oceans play an important role in our day-to-day lives, and over 65% of the world’s population lives or works in coastal areas. Vital for our economy and health – as well as for climate, food, and biodiversity – seas and oceans have immense societal significance. However, the oceans are changing rapidly as human-induced pollution and CO2 emissions lead to warming, acidification, and deoxygenation of seas and oceans. The impact on organisms, ocean chemistry, and currents on short to long timescales is uncertain, affecting ecosystems, but also the economy and policymaking.

As part of your two-year Master’s program in Marine Sciences, you will learn how marine systems and processes operate naturally – and how they change through human intervention. The program offers multidisciplinary cutting-edge knowledge and research in this rapidly developing field.

Diverse Community of Students

If you are a science student with an educational background in biology, chemistry, physics, or earth science, this program offers the perfect preparation for a career as a marine scientist. Students with a Bachelor's degree in another natural science or technical discipline and students from University Colleges who would like to contribute to the sustainable use of sea and ocean resources are also invited to apply.

Multidisciplinary Approach

Essentially, all outstanding issues in Marine Sciences are multidisciplinary. A broad, holistic research approach to this rapidly developing field is, therefore, necessary to identify risks, improve future scenarios, and to make the transition towards sustainable interactions between man and seas and oceans.

Crucial questions you will investigate during your studies include:

  • How does global warming and changing ocean circulation impact ecosystem functioning?
  • How do changing ecosystems affect ocean chemistry?
  • How does a change in ocean chemistry affect biology?

Marine Science Research Expertise

Utrecht University has the most extensive in-house expertise in marine sciences of all Dutch universities, and our staff participates in numerous international marine programs and projects. The multidisciplinary focus of the program will prepare you for a challenging career in a wide range of international organizations that are active in coastal areas and oceans and in harnessing society for future ocean change.

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