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Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro Master's Degree in Comparative and Technological Molecular Genetics
Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro

Master's Degree in Comparative and Technological Molecular Genetics

Vila Real, Portugal

2 Years


Full time

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Oct 2024

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With this second cycle course in Comparative and Technological Molecular Genetics, we intend to transmit essential knowledge related to recent advances in the area of ​​comparison of genomes and DNA manipulation technologies, both in animal and plant organisms. In addition, it is intended an increasing awareness of the ethical issues inherent in these new technologies. The course will use curricular units that will operate in modular regime with great practical component, namely laboratory classes. In the 3rd semester students may choose to specialize in Molecular Comparative Genetics and Plant or Animal Technology depending on the dissertation to be developed.

The Master's Degree in Comparative and Technological Molecular Genetics aims at the training of Senior Technicians and Researchers with a solid and up-to-date and specific scientific, theoretical and practical training in the scientific areas of Genetics and Biotechnology, with the prospect that these masters will continue their future specialization in PhD in "Comparative and Technological Molecular Genetics", among others.


2 years



Professional Exits

The masters to be trained will have a solid scientific background, supported by strong laboratory practice components, and a very close contact with the reality of scientific research, being able to perform functions related to research, technical and consulting activities, both in public and private entities , or in a liberal regime, or engage in professional or higher education (public or private), in particular in:

  • Universities and Institutions of Higher Education;
  • Biotech, pharmaceutical and biomedical industry;
  • Project and consultancy offices;
  • Educational institutions and scientific research and technological development;
  • Laboratories of Medical Schools, Universities and State Organizations;
  • Associated Laboratories;
  • Laboratories of public health institutes and medical research;
  • Scientific research in universities, institutes, state laboratories and industrial laboratories;
  • Careers in the area of ​​health (medical technology, clinical analysis and means of diagnosis);
  • Other careers;
    • Scientific Journalism, specialized magazines, Scientific Material Companies, Regulatory Bodies and Commissions.

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