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USP University Of Sao Paulo and Institute of Tropical Medicine Performing Arts
USP University Of Sao Paulo and Institute of Tropical Medicine

Performing Arts

Cerqueira César, Brazil

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Mar 2024

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Post-Graduation in Performing Arts at ECA-USP had its origin in 1981, constituting in fact the oldest and pioneer program in the field in the country. Initially, a member of the Postgraduate Program in Arts, in 2006, he started to act independently, as a Postgraduate Program in Performing Arts - PPGAC, boosting his development considerably, by acquiring autonomy to implement research projects. , teaching and intellectual production related to our own characteristics.

Establishment of a fruitful and permanent dialogue between the university and society, focusing on a) frequent changes in social life, which require appropriate artistic and pedagogical responses to new historical confrontations, b) solidarity exchange with other teaching and research institutions from Brazil and abroad, c) in the widespread dissemination of knowledge;

Training of excellent teachers and researchers;

Encouraging the continuous improvement of teachers in the Program;

Promotion of innovation in the scope of intellectual, technical, artistic and bibliographic production produced by the Program;

Encouraging the circulation of knowledge produced by sister programs, whether Brazilian or foreign research and graduate institutions.

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