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USEK - Holy Spirit University of Kaslik

USEK - Holy Spirit University of Kaslik

USEK - Holy Spirit University of Kaslik


Unique among universities in Lebanon, USEK was the first university to be established by Lebanese citizens, this case by the Lebanese Maronite Order (OLM) monks, who have been placing their values in education since the 7th century. The educational programs and research development we offer all our students are in line with the official requirements of the Lebanese state, the Constitutions of the OLM, and the social teaching of the Catholic Church on universities, and, more recently, with the American-style education system and international accreditations to give our students wider prospects abroad as well as in Lebanon.

From the onset, the University has kept its momentum, expanding while remaining true to its all-inclusive and non-elitist Christian humanism, which runs through the teaching we deliver. Our real-world university education is grounded in our commitment to strong governance and management, learning and teaching assessment, student well-being, and support of our workforce based on the principles of valuing community, intellectual curiosity, tradition and innovation, and high performance.

A degree from USEK prepares our students for the challenges of the contemporary world. Our robust educational core includes programs in all the major fields of study and incorporates new vocational specializations aligned with the present labor market.

Our community is made up of diverse and talented students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The USEK sense of belonging comes from the strength of the individual and team connections within the community based on the spiritual, civic, and ethical values of respecting others and their beliefs.

USEK’s motto: “When the Spirit of truth comes, he will lead you to the whole truth.” (Jn 16:13)


The Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness Office (QA-IE) supports the University to achieve its mission through various initiatives such as planning, assessing, and improving administrative and academic performance in alignment with international accreditation standards, where applicable. The QA-IE collects and analyzes data that is disseminated for decision-making and reporting purposes.


The vision of the QA-IE Office is to become a national and regional model in Quality Assurance and Institutional Effectiveness through assessment and accreditation.

Campus Features

Committed to providing higher educational opportunities for students who would otherwise not have access to it, USEK’s three regional university centers (RUCs) in Lebanon offer degree programs for students who want to earn a degree within their communities and achieve their educational and career goals.

Degrees at the RUCs are recognized by the Government. Each RUC center, accomplished in its own right, has its own character and all provide an excellent, well-rounded education. Students can benefit from studying in a small learning environment, developing meaningful relationships with faculty, attentive to their needs, in a convenient location.

USEK Regional Campus Benefits:

  • Small classes with experienced faculty members who are practicing professionals in their field
  • Convenient schedules leaving you enough time to fit in work or family responsibilities
  • Full degree programs
  • Access to full-time staff to assist students with financial aid, registration, or general academic program questions
  • High-tech resources
  • Convenient parking

Zahle RUC

Zahlé enrolled its first students in September of 2000/2001. Located 55km east of Beirut the campus Zahle lies at the meeting point between the Lebanon mountains and the striking Beqaa plateau and is famous throughout Lebanon and the region for its pleasant climate, numerous riverside restaurants, and quality arak.

Why Zahle?

The largest of the regional centers, Zahle offers academic programs across most core disciplines, including applied arts, architecture, agriculture, business, and commercial sciences, engineering, fine arts, food sciences, humanities, law, philosophy, and sciences.

Rmeich RUC

The RUC of the South, Rmeich is a small RUC with a big presence in the community. Located in the richly historical area of Caza Beint Jbeil, near the southern border, the campus is close to the first Maronite monastery built in South Lebanon.

Why Rmeich?

Set in a remote and pleasant part of Lebanon, Rmeich’s academic model builds all degree programs around a core program specializing in the field of business to meet the demands of the students in the community.

Chekka RUC

Our RUC of the North, Chekka was established in 2000 and offers courses from USEK Business School and the School of Law and Political Sciences. This center prides itself on promoting human values and community spirit with a focus on the cultural heritage of Lebanon and the Near East.

Why Chekka?

Set in a coastal town located in the South of North Lebanon, Chekka is considered the center for education for the neighboring regions, answering the aspirations of the community by offering both commercial and artistic programs.

    Scholarships and Funding


    EFMD Equis AccreditedAMBA AccreditedAACSB Accredited


    USEK is among the best in Lebanon and has been 1st for sustainability within the region for 4 consecutive years. We are also ranked in international league tables such as the QS and SCimago.

    League tables can’t give you the full story about a university, but they're a good starting point. Out of 48 universities in Lebanon, we are consistently high-ranking.

    THE Impact Rankings

    In the only global performance table that assesses universities against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    USEK’s Global Impact Ranking successes – Lebanon 2021

    • 1st for SDG 1 - No Poverty
    • Joint- 1st for SDG 10 – Reduced Inequality
    • 2nd for SDG 7 - Affordable and Clean Energy

    QS World University Rankings

    QS World University Rankings is an annual publication of university rankings, viewed as one of the three most widely read university rankings in the world.

    In 2020, USEK ranked in the top 5 best universities in Lebanon and the top 30 in the Arab Region.

    UI GreenMetric

    UI GreenMetric is an annual international ranking of the sustainability performance of universities for their reduction in the ecological footprint of the university and sustainability in education and research.

    Since 2017, USEK has ranked 1st Green University in Lebanon and in the top 10 ‘Greenest’ Universities in the MENA region.

    SCImago Institutions Rankings

    USEK has recently ranked 2nd best university in Lebanon according to SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR).

    According to the 2021 SIR World Report, published on a yearly basis since 2009, USEK maintained its 2nd place ranking among the best universities in Lebanon.

    SIR is a science evaluation resource used to assess worldwide academic and research-based institutions through its Research Group which is made up of members from the most reputable higher education institutions.

    The assessment is based on three different sets of indicators: research performance, innovation outputs, and social impact measured by web visibility.


    • Jounieh

      Holy Spirit University of Kaslik Kaslik، Jounieh, , Jounieh

    • Zahlé

      Main Highway – Zahle, Bekaa - LEBANON, , Zahlé

      • Chekka

        El-Rahban Street– Chekka, North Lebanon, , Chekka

        • Rmaych

          Monastry of Our Lady of Annunciation - Rmeich, South Lebanon, , Rmaych