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UPF Barcelona School of Management

UPF Barcelona School of Management

UPF Barcelona School of Management


UPF-BSM is the management school of Pompeu Fabra University, a university internationally recognized for its level of excellence in teaching and research.

Our purpose is to contribute to the development of management and to people who put it into practice. We train professionals who are capable of managing companies and institutions and leading projects with a global vision. People who seek to add value, innovate and transform society through a commitment to culture and global wellness.

Why should you choose us?

We connect the university with business through innovation, social transformation, and research. Our management vision is strategic, it is based on international best practices and it is focused on people.

We propose solutions to the challenges faced by the business, social and institutional environment with the vocation of transferring results to society. We want to generate knowledge and economic and social impact.

We offer an active, personalized, and interdisciplinary learning model that prepares students to become professionals capable of moving in constantly changing environments.

We have a values-based culture such as ethics, social responsibility, transparency, rigor, sustainability, diversity, humanism, and culture. We have a creative and transformative vision with a vocation for excellence in teaching, research, and knowledge transfer.

A business school connected to the world

The interest of new management in challenges related to global welfare requires approaching education from an international perspective.

An international vocation with a global vision of challenges of the future

We understand internationalization as a transversal project that permeates all areas and activities of our school. Its objective is to provide the content with a broad and universal vision that can be shared by teachers, management, and students from around the world.

In addition, at UPF-BSM, as an extension of UPF, we obtained wide international recognition for the excellence of our work in teaching and research.

The international ambition to provide solutions with a global impact

We promote the mobility of our students and professors with the aim of fostering the creation of international networks and alliances with reference actors, developing joint experiences. These alliances allow us to be an active part of the world and to fulfill our international ambition to provide solutions with global impact.


One of the best business schools in the world

Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), a research-intensive international public university, has been ranked as one of the best universities in Europe since 1990.

It has been distinguished by the Ministry of Education as a Campus of International Excellence (CEI) and, according to THE ranking, it is the 1st Spanish university (position 143 worldwide and 60 at the European level) and the 10th best university in the world between those which has under 50 years of age (5th in Europe).

We are the management school of a prestigious university: UPF. We share its internationality and we are focused on excellence in teaching and research.

Our programs have a great reputation internationally. In 2019, we obtained 3 Palms of Excellence in the Eduniversal ranking, placing us among the most influential business schools in the world.

In 2022, we have been recognized with EQUIS accreditation, making us the 1st management school in the country, linked to a public university, to obtain it. This institutional recognition places us among the elite of international business schools.

In 2021, we earned AMBA accreditation, which places us among the world's leading management schools. The International Master of Business Administration Association recognizes the academic quality and reputation of our EMBA and Master of Science in Management programs.

In 2020, we became one of the 10 centers institutionally accredited by the Agencia de Calidad del Sistema Universitario de Cataluña (AQU). This institutional accreditation guarantees the educational quality of all our university degrees.


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