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University Vita-Salute San Raffaele Master Degree in Health Informatics
University Vita-Salute San Raffaele

Master Degree in Health Informatics

Milan, Italy

2 Years


Full time

02 Sep 2024*

01 Oct 2024

EUR 6,640


* The program is open to Italian citizens, EU citizens, and non-European citizens with EU equivalent status, as specified in the Ministerial Circular of March 15, 2024.


Health Informatics is a joint Master's Degree course resulting from the strategic collaboration between Vita-Salute San Raffaele University and Politecnico di Milano, two institutions of excellence in medical and technical informatics education.

This two-year program, taught in English, aims to develop the most advanced informatics skills applied to the field of medicine, preparing highly sought-after professionals for today's and tomorrow's job market.

The realization of this revolution in medicine and biomedical research necessarily involves training new talents capable of integrating advanced computer science skills with a solid and broad understanding of the specific healthcare context.

Health Informatics is designed to train tomorrow's professionals through a targeted, integrated, multidisciplinary, theoretical-practical program where the blend of different worlds becomes a fundamental value for gaining a competitive edge in the job market.

Building the Future of Healthcare Together

Today, more than ever, it is necessary to train experts with high-level technical skills in informatics who also understand the workings, processes, and issues of healthcare.

These will be the leaders of the revolution in the national and international healthcare world, which will see an increasingly digitized and equitable healthcare context, with a patient-centered, personalized, effective, efficient, sustainable, and safe diagnostic-therapeutic approach.

The Health Informatics course is designed to meet the demand for talents capable of operating in this complex and growing scenario, in industrial, academic, scientific, or public governance sectors, mastering the most advanced informatics knowledge in service of the healthcare system.

The course was designed with input from many professionals from various fields, such as computer scientists, engineers, doctors, biologists, researchers, statisticians, mathematicians, economists, physicists, lawyers, and epidemiologists, but especially by listening to the needs of the job market through interviews and consultations with major international companies operating in the field of healthcare digitalization and advanced medical technologies, as well as the most advanced research centres and key regulatory and administrative entities in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biomedical research fields.

Why Graduate in Health Informatics?

To meet society's need for highly qualified professionals who can tackle the main challenges generated by the digital transition and the spread of Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector.

To acquire the hard and soft skills necessary to establish an open dialogue between the informatics and healthcare sectors and transform the potential of new technologies into positive outcomes for global society.

Above all, to become a leader in the digital transformation in medicine.



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