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University of Trieste Master in Physics
University of Trieste

Master in Physics

Trieste, Italy

2 Years


Full time, Part time

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Oct 2024

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Learning Outcomes

The course aims to provide postgraduate students with a solid scientific preparation and excellent practical skills in frontier fields of Physical Sciences. The course offers training in experimental analysis and the use of modern technologies and devices combined with in-depth study of theoretical elements and mathematical and computing techniques, which will enable postgraduates to carry out scientific research in complete autonomy and to develop problem solving skills that they will be able to apply in highly qualified jobs or in further studies, if they wish to enter the world of research or to improve their professional stance (i.e. Ph.D., Specialisation Schools where Physics is important).

Admission Requirements

Graduates holding a Bachelors Degree from an Italian university or equivalent from a recognized university abroad (recognized in line with current laws) can enroll to the MSc Degree course in Physics. Knowledge of Physics subjects is also a prerequisite. The applicants' preparation will be assessed through an analysis of their studies and results, which may be followed by a test. Entry requirements and assessment procedures are outlined in the Teaching Regulations for the MSc Degree. The applicants must reach a minimum level of understanding of basic physics; they must have passed exams in 1) calculus, geometry and informatics for at least 15 credits (15 ECTS), 2) classical physics (dynamics, thermodynamics, electromagnetism, acoustics, optics), Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Statistical Physics, Condensed matter Physics, Nuclear and Subnuclear Physics, Physics Laboratory ( experimental practice and statistical analysis of the experimental data) for at least 30 credits (30 ECTS) .

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