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University of the East (Universidad del Este (UDE))

University of the East (Universidad del Este (UDE))

University of the East (Universidad del Este (UDE))


The Universidad del Este was born in a new national, regional and world context, assuming the moment in history that it has to travel with responsibility and the firm commitment to interpret, participate and contribute to this context.

The quality in our University is sustained in the permanent search for the level of excellence, preserving the institutional identity, the relevance of the processes and the continuous internal and external evaluation, based on the necessary understanding of the environment where it is inserted.

A scientific and research environment, a space for educational services and continuous training.

Our University is committed to the quality of teaching, excellence in research, and support for merit, ability, and equality.

Facilitating and promoting access to high quality informational materials for reading, consultation and study and the permanent orientation, guidance and constant support of specialist tutors focused on counseling.

We aspire to form upright, capable and critical citizens, with a broad and multidisciplinary vision and who assume the responsibility of contributing to a more just and supportive world.

I am pleased to welcome you to this vehicle of information and communication in which you will be able to initiate a knowledge and a relationship that we wish fruitful and intense.


  • La Plata

    Calle 2,684, , La Plata


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