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University of Strasbourg Master in Complex Systems Chemisty - CSC
University of Strasbourg

Master in Complex Systems Chemisty - CSC

Strasbourg, France

2 Years


Full time

30 Jun 2024

Sep 2024

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CSC Graduate school

Integrated MSc and PhD in 5 years with financial support

  • 2-year: Master scholarships
  • 3-year: PhD fellowships

Inspiring international research environment with 4 active Nobel Prize laureates in chemistry

Practical training in research laboratories with state of the art equipment

Direct access to the PhD program for successful MSc students

English as the only teaching language.

A school created by an exceptional research community

Complex system chemistry emerging over the past 20 years as an outgrowth of the supramolecular chemistry developed by Jean-Marie Lehn (Nobel Prize 1987). In 2018, the CSC research school was created by this exceptional research community to train future leaders in the discipline.

Our mission: to educate a new generation of chemistry leaders

Over the past two decades, researchers in Strasbourg have been at the cutting-edge in the emerging field known as the Complex Systems Chemistry (CSC). They are using the framework of supramolecular chemistry to enable far-reaching developments in more complex systems with emerging function. This trend will only build momentum in the 21st century and is leveraged on the integration of molecular units incorporating information, capable of expressing a specific property and performing well-defined tasks.

  • The school prepares an international generation of researchers to use CSC as a tool for innovation (in industry and academia). The course topics balance organic, physical, and supramolecular chemistry to give you the tools to approach complex systems.
  • Lectures are complemented by research internships, which can be carried out in academic laboratiories but also in companies or abroad.
  • We train our students to enhance their leadership, soft skills, and their ability to understand industrial issues.
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Demographic and intellectuel diversity

We believe that demographic and intellectual diversity drives innovative research and discovery, it expands our capacity for teaching and learning, and it equips us for lives of leadership in an increasingly pluralistic society.

At a time of globalization and with such ease of international exchange, the true wealth of our organizations lies in diversity, a key when to human, social and financial performance. We aspire to educate our student community to take an active role in the process of creativity and performance.

Accepting diversity means being open-minded, respecting your neighbour, recognizing the humanity in those around you.

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