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University Of Seoul

University Of Seoul


Ever since its establishment in 1918, the University of Seoul has contributed to developing Korean society through the education and training of students and through academic research. The University of Seoul is widely regarded as one of the best public universities in Korea. This achievement is based not only on its own efforts but also on continued citizen support. Funded by Seoul Metropolitan Government, the University of Seoul continues to implement a ‘half-priced college tuition’ policy first implemented in 2012. The University of Seoul has strengthened its social responsibility as a public university through this pioneering policy.

Based on the motto of Truth, Creativity, and Public Service, the University of Seoul aims to foster active citizenship and tolerance in our students. We also encourage our students to provide their services to the society with their gained knowledge. Finally, the University of Seoul promotes innovative research that contributes to policy decisions, addressing both current and projected social needs.


  • Dongdaemun-gu

    Dongdaemun-gu, South Korea