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University Of Santo Amaro

University Of Santo Amaro

University Of Santo Amaro


The University Santo Amaro - Unisa is among the most respected institutions of higher education in Brazil, occupying a privileged position in the educational scenario since 1968, when we started the activities with the courses of Letters, Pedagogy, Mathematics, Physics and, mainly, of Medicine, to this day one of the most popular in the country.

Our history began with the need to establish the first institution of higher education for the large population of the Santo Amaro region, in the city of São Paulo. It was then that influential professionals, such as teachers, businessmen, dentists, doctors, and politicians, joined forces to create FASA - Faculdades de Santo Amaro. In 1994, we became a university and came to be called Unisa.

This path consolidates us as a university of excellence. The reflection of this performance permeates all of our actions, especially in 2005, when our first class was transmitted via satellite, marking the pioneering spirit in the offer of distance education (EaD) courses.

With a differentiated teaching model, we stand out for stimulating the practice through social responsibility activities, with a strong performance in research and extension projects developed with the community. Disseminating knowledge and reverting it to the benefit of the population is one of our main commitments.

We are present throughout Brazil, with four campuses in the State of São Paulo and more than 300 new educational support centers to offer distance learning courses, located throughout Brazil.

Currently, Unisa offers hundreds of face-to-face and distance courses, including Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Extension courses. And so we have become a reference for the various cities in Brazil where we operate, as an institution of tradition and quality, which is committed to training creative talents, entrepreneurs, and transformers.


  • Jardim das Imbuias

    Rua Professor Enéas de Siqueira Neto,340, 04829-300, Jardim das Imbuias