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University Of Sannio Master in Biology
University Of Sannio

Master in Biology

Benevento, Italy

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Oct 2024

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The Master's Degree Course in Biology, belonging to the Degree Class L-6 Biology, has a duration of two academic years. All graduates in the class of the Bachelor's Degrees in Biological Sciences and (L-13) and Biotechnology (L-2) and related Degree Classes can access the Master's Degree Course in Biology.

The attainment of the qualification involves the acquisition of 120 university training credits (CFU).

The activities foreseen by the CFU include frontal teaching, assisted laboratory activities, individual internship or internship activities in laboratories also outside the University of Sannio in Italy and abroad in order to prepare an original experimental thesis work.

The Master's Degree Course in Biology has organized into two different curricula: 1) Biosanitary and 2) Food Resources and Nutrition. The educational objectives of the Biosanitary curriculum include the preparation of graduates who, at the end of their career, are able to combine an in-depth basic biological culture with a solid scientific and operational preparation in the fields of bio-sanitary research and diagnostic practice. The objectives of this course are the acquisition of appropriate knowledge of disciplines in the bio-sanitary, biomolecular and advanced analysis methodologies.

The Food Resources and Nutrition curriculum aims to train an independent professional figure who possesses specific knowledge and skills in the field of food and nutrients and is therefore capable of evaluating the composition, nutritional quality, functional efficacy, and suitability of food for human consumption as well as aspects associated with over or underfeeding in populations or groups of populations. The objectives of this direction are also the acquisition of new technologies applied to human food and nutrition through a distinct and integrated approach to the health one.

Graduates in Biology will thus be able to hold roles of high responsibility, to be carried out independently, in the field of basic and applied biomedical research, human nutrition, management, and control of analytical processes in the context of structures with a molecular-diagnostic vocation and pharmaceutical, biotechnological promotion and development and, finally, scientific dissemination.

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