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University of Notarial Studies

University of Notarial Studies

University of Notarial Studies


In the 1950s, the College of Notaries of the Province of Buenos Aires (CEPBA) began to promote training and research in the notarial area. Within this framework, on May 31, 1957, it resolved to promote the creation of a University, protected by a regulatory framework that enabled the private initiative to found university establishments.

As of 1995, the enactment of the Higher Education Law and its regulations promoted the accreditation of postgraduate courses, institutional evaluation, and the regionalization of higher education. Consequently, UNA modified its Academic Statute; began to participate in processes of accreditation of careers, settling them in permanent headquarters; strengthened its federal sense, generating continuing training activities throughout the country, some in agreement with the Federal Council of Argentine Notaries (CFNA); And since 2005, it has incorporated new technologies through the Universidad Notarial Argentina Virtual (UNAV). Currently, the entire educational offer of UNA is accredited, the institution has external evaluation and continues to grow with a view to providing quality higher education and contribute to the development of the disciplines that support their academic activity.


  • 1873

    Guido,1841, C1119, 1873