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Applications for the 2023/2024 cycle are now closed. Stay tuned for updated program information.


With around 17,000 students, 1,350 academic staff, 650 professional services staff, and £237 million of annual income, we aspire to be one of the most successful Humanities faculties in the world.

We aim to:

  • pursue collaborations with the best international partners to support the achievement of our core goals.
  • strengthen the international dimension of our taught courses, shaping our students as global citizens able to compete in an increasingly diverse job market.
  • provide opportunities for our students to be exposed to new cultures and languages.
  • continue to develop and support the recruitment of international students to on-campus programmes and further develop our portfolio of transnational education provision.
  • increase the level and scope of our international research collaborations.

Academic enrichment

We are committed to working with gifted and talented young people and providing academic enrichment opportunities.

We aim to enrich their experience of learning by enabling them to take part in educational activities outside the classroom and meet lecturers and students from higher education. Our activities don't just give learners more of the same, they enable independent learning and creative thinking in a unique environment.

Every academic year, we offer a specific programme of activities to stretch and challenge learners from all educational backgrounds.

We teach over 90 different Humanities courses at The University of Manchester and provide enrichment activities that celebrate the breadth of Humanities degrees we offer, including Law, History, English, the Social Sciences, Geography, Business, and Languages.

Alumni Statistics

Campus Features

The Faculty of Humanities’ academic schools work with the University’s central Undergraduate Recruitment and Widening Participation Team to deliver a rich variety of outreach activities designed to raise awareness of the diverse range of Humanities subjects that are available to study at university.

The activities are designed to enrich the curriculum, stretch and challenge learners and can take place both on and off-campus. These activities focus on the following areas:

  • Primary learners
  • Secondary learners
  • Post 16 learners

On-campus activities

The University offers a range of campus activities for schools and colleges.

Below is a list of just some of the events we have previously run:

  • Social Science in the news: Why numbers matter
  • Insight into Law
  • WW1 star lecture: Heroism and national identity in the Great War
  • Insight into Politics
  • Insight into Geography
  • Insight into Archaeology and Classics
  • Insight into Languages and Linguistics
  • Interactive performance with John Hegley
  • Conflict: Making sense of war
  • Greco-Roman Egypt


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