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University Of Los Lagos

University Of Los Lagos

University Of Los Lagos


The University of Los Lagos is an accredited state and autonomous institution that has served the community since August 30, 1993, created by law 19,238 under the government of the President of the Republic Patricio Aylwin Azócar. Currently, it has four strategic points located in Osorno, Puerto Montt, Chiloé and Santiago.

Despite the youth of its current nomination, this house of studies has a long history, first as the headquarters of the University of Chile and the former Technical University of the State and later, from 1981, as the Professional Institute of Osorno.

The University of Los Lagos's mission is the scientific, professional, and technical training of people, with solid knowledge, pluralistic, and committed to their environment. As a university, it develops basic and applied scientific research in those areas that it has defined as strategic and has competitive advantages. It is a regional university that seeks to be a contribution to its environment, through the dissemination of the arts, culture, university sports, and scientific knowledge generated through basic and applied research

Its more than 10,000 students are distributed in an attractive range of undergraduate careers of local and regional relevance but also in training for workers, technical and postgraduate courses.


  • Santiago

    Avenida República,517, , Santiago