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University of Insubria Master in Physics
University of Insubria

Master in Physics

Como, Italy

2 Years


Full time

31 Jul 2024*

Sep 2024

EUR 3,300 / per year **


* students can apply on university from april 2024 until the end of july 2024

** Physics: 200-3.300€ per year


This Master’s Degree Program is open to all students with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and to graduates in other scientific subjects (such as Mathematics or Engineering) who wish to deepen their knowledge of fundamental or applied physics.

It aims at completing the elements acquired during the Bachelor’s course in the different areas (applied and experimental physics, fundamental and theoretical physics, microphysics) and at bringing students into contact with the different research fields.

A Master’s Degree in Physics may lead to employment in research laboratories at research centers or in high-tech companies, to entrance into finance or insurance companies, to a career as a teacher in high school; it is also the first step on a scientific career that includes a Ph.D. in Physics in Italy or abroad or a specialization in medical physics.

Three different curricula are offered: Data Science for Astrophysics, General Physics, and Medical and Experimental Physics.

The General Physics curriculum offers a choice of courses ranging from Matter Physics to Nuclear and Particle Physics, from Theoretical Physics to Optics.


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