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University of Insubria Master in Mathematics
University of Insubria

Master in Mathematics

Como, Italy

2 Years


Full time

31 Jul 2024*

Sep 2024

EUR 3,630 / per year **


* students can apply on university from april 2024 until the end of july 2024

** Mathematics: 240-3.630€ per year


Studying for a math degree means becoming acquainted with abstract concepts that challenge and sharpen logical capabilities to the highest degree. Because of this, mathematics graduates are successful in the most diverse fields. They can analyze problems, construct models, find connections among different concepts, and imagine new, surprising solutions.

More and more, the capabilities of a mathematics graduate are sought by R&D companies, but also by management, finance, banking, and insurance firms looking for individuals capable of framing problems theoretically and analyzing large amounts of data.

Studying mathematics strengthens abstraction and imagination, which allow the future graduate to develop flexible work capabilities and enable him/her to easily adapt to an ever-changing work environment.
This approach is implemented starting from the very earliest years of the program. In our classes you will be taught to develop a critical approach to the material, requiring autonomy and creativity.

There won’t be large books to learn by heart - rather, there will be concepts to understand, think about deeply, and be able to apply autonomously.

In the end, you will learn to discuss problems, ideas, and solutions in a precise and rigorous way and to communicate, both in Italian and in English, with experts in your and other disciplines.


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