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University of Groningen MSc in Deafblindness
University of Groningen

MSc in Deafblindness

Groningen, Netherlands

1 Years


Full time

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01 Sep 2024

EUR 2,314 / per year **


* EU/EEA and non-EU/EEA students

** EU/EEA students: €2,314 | non-EU/EEA students: €17,800


Would you like to analyze and improve the possibilities of deafblind people? Then this is the program for you.

The Master's degree in Deafblindness (formerly: Communication and Deafblindness) is a unique program during which you acquire theoretical and methodological skills. These skills will enable you to analyze the impact of combined visual and hearing impairments (“deafblindness”) on development, daily functioning, and quality of life. You will learn to apply this knowledge in the contexts of research, assessment, and intervention. The program is especially interesting for those who are already working as professionals and who would like to expand their basic knowledge and research skills.

The program starts with the course Introduction to people with Deafblindness. In this course, you will learn about fundamental developmental processes, including topics like early symbolic communication embodied cognition and the acquisition of sign language.

After the introductory course, students receive coaching in methodology. You will also perform practical training and write a learner's report. In addition, you will carry out research and write a Master's thesis.

Why study this program in Groningen?

  • Only master program in the world focussing on people with deafblindness
  • Aims at providing insight into effective tools that assess and support cognition, social-emotional development, communication and language, and personal development
  • Tools acquired in this program are also applicable to other people with disabilities
  • students from certain countries are eligible for the Orange Knowledge Programme grant

Research Center on Profound and Multiple Disabilities

The Master's program Deafblindness is linked to the Research Centre on Profound and Multiple Disabilities.

Field of research

  • domains for research are concentrated on the topic of communication with people with deafblindness
  • research is also conducted in the field of people who are deafblind and have additional disabilities, or in the field of people with sensory and multiple disabilities
  • research lines are: meaning-creation, tactile communication, assessment, communication, and transition to a cultural language


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