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About the University of Evansville

Established in 1854, the University of Evansville has been recognized across the globe for a rich tradition of academic excellence and a vibrant campus community. As one of fewer than 50 universities in the world to be designated an Ashoka Changemaker campus, students at UE are inspired and encouraged to create positive change and transform their own communities. UE offers more than 75 areas of study as well as impactful study abroad experiences, allowing students to develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence for a successful and fulfilling future.

Rated the #1 study abroad program by, UE offers a semester-long study abroad experience at Harlaxton College, located in Grantham, England. Students can continue pursuing their UE degree with the benefit of immersive experiences and intercultural learning at this countryside, Victorian manor.

Mission and Core Values

Mission Statement

To empower each student to think critically, act bravely, serve responsibly, and live meaningfully in a changing world.

Core Values

We promote academic and personal integrity to establish a culture of trust. Academic integrity begins with all students pledging to abide by our honor code and extends to faculty, staff and administration adhering to our code of conduct. It culminates in an expectation of professionalism, transparency, and respect in all interactions. Personal integrity includes practicing informed, ethical decision-making, and respecting the ideas, rights, boundaries, and beliefs of others. Each member of our community is accountable and prepared to act as a responsible citizen of the world.

We recognize the value of interdisciplinary teamwork, creative problem solving, global immersion, and learning experiences at home and abroad. We recognize the value of learning from failure. We have the freedom, flexibility, and motivation to create experi­ences that help our students think critically and act bravely. Each member of our com­munity is challenged to discover novel solutions to modern problems and to become a catalyst for progress.

Intellectual Curiosity
We strive to develop lifelong learners. We introduce students to a variety of ideas that sharpen existing interests and awaken latent ones. We challenge students to stretch their minds while supporting them with strong faculty engagement. Research, experiential learning, and community outreach foster intellectual curiosity while exposure to new ideas and technologies broadens our students’ view of the world and what might be possible.

Inclusive Community
We value openness and collaboration and recognize that inclusion leads to personal growth. Our commitment to actively fostering a diverse range of cultures and perspectives reflects the characteristics required to thrive in an increasingly global society. The universi­ty demonstrates and benefits from inclusion by welcoming all.

Education for the Whole Person
We cultivate intellectual, moral, social, physical, emotional and spiritual wellness through engagement and discovery. We value the liberal arts, sciences, and professional programs as paths to intellectual and personal growth, and we encourage the integration of knowl­edge across disciplinary lines. We promote engagement in organizations, programs, and the community as essential to personal development. We equip individuals to examine their world, articulate their values, and develop the character needed to live healthy lives of meaning and purpose.

Vision Statement

The University of Evansville – a leading private university in the Midwest – is rec­ognized nationally for developing students' personal and professional competencies, cul­tivating critical and creative thinkers, and producing ethical, global citizens equipped to thrive in a world of complexity and change. We accomplish this by attracting and retaining talented and motivated students who succeed within a diverse, supportive, and sustainable environment.


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