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University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw

University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw

University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw


The University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw (WSEiZ) is one of the best private art and technical university that meets Polish and European standards. WSEiZ received the certificate "Good University - Good job".

Our university specializes in the following areas: architecture, interior design, landscape design, design, civil engineering, environmental protection, management, management and production engineering, mechanics and machine construction, as well as computer engineering (computer science).

You can study in Polish or English. Candidates who do not have a language certificate are recommended to take an intensive preparatory language course at the university, where we have many years of experience. Our university offers programs that focus not only on theoretical skills but also on practical ones. That is why our students after graduation work in their specialty. Many of them start working in their specialty already in their second year, as the training program is designed in such a way that students learn the basics of the profession from the first year.

We are happy to support our foreign candidates and students at all stages of admission and study. We also have coordinators who speak English, Russian, and Ukrainian who will not only tell you how to proceed but also how to open a bank account and get comfortable in Warsaw.


Recruitment rules for international students

1 Online Registration

  • Register online on our website and fill in the form. Registration takes 10 minutes.
  • Prepare your passport or ID card (in the case of European Union citizens) and secondary school graduation certificate with the supplement or the higher education diploma with the supplement.
  • Write your first and last name in the Latin alphabet in accordance with the data in your passport or ID card. Fill in the rest of the questionnaire data in Latin transliteration or data from the official translation into Polish or English.
  • If you do not have all the data at the time of registration, you might update them later on your personalized user account.

2 Upload scans of the necessary document

Upload a scan of the necessary documents to your user account in the online system:

  • the first page of your passport or ID card with your details (required for verification purposes and will not be stored in the files of the University); with your details;
  • a photograph (as for documents, the clear colored images on an evenly lit white or bright background);
  • a secondary school graduation certificate (with the supplement and an apostille) that entitles you to study (for citizens of Ukraine and Belarus an apostille is not required);
  • a translation into Polish or English language made by a translator of a secondary school graduation certificate (together with the supplement) which entitles the holder to undertake studies;
  • a document confirming the knowledge of the language of instruction at the B1 level. The Proof of language proficiency should be provided by a school leaving certificate, a matriculation certificate, a university diploma, or a certificate. We can also interview you face-to-face or via instant messenger to test your language skills;
  • a document confirming the recognition of a secondary school leaving certificate or another document obtained abroad, in the form of an administrative decision of the chief education officer on recognition as a document confirming secondary education in the Republic of Poland and entitlement to continue education, including eligibility to apply for admission to higher education studies (documents covered by an international agreement issued, among others, in Ukraine and Belarus are exempt from the procedure for recognition of certificates).
  • a document stating that the certificate of completion of secondary education entitles you to pursue higher education in the country in which it was issued. Such a certificate may be obtained from a school, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland, the Ministry of National Education, or a consular department of a diplomatic representation of the country where the document was issued;
  • a translation into Polish or English language made by a translator of a certificate confirming that the secondary school diploma entitles its holder to undertake higher education studies;
  • a doctor’s certificate (required only from applicants in the Environmental Protection field of study.

If you are underage, you have to provide additional documents, i.e.:

  • a completed and signed set of documents necessary for admission to the university of an underage candidate. The documents have to be signed by at least one of the parent. The signature has to contain the name and surname as spelled in the passport.

If you want to study on second cycle degree studies you should provide, among others:

  • a higher education diploma with the supplement and apostille (for citizens of Ukraine and Belarus an apostille is not required) we don’t require a secondary school diploma or a secondary school-leaving examination certificate;
  • a translation into Polish or English language made by a translator of your higher education diploma and its supplement. If the diploma and supplement are issued in a bilingual version, including English, we do not require a translation;
  • a certificate confirming that the submitted diploma entitles you to apply for admission to the second-cycle degree studies at any type of higher education institution in the country in which the institution issuing the diploma operates. (if there is no such annotation on the diploma\supplement);
  • a translation into Polish or English language made by a translator of the certificate confirming that the diploma is being submitted entitles to apply for admission to the second-cycle degree studies;
  • application addressed to the dean of the faculty. The application is required from candidates who apply for admission to master’s studies in a field other than the one completed so far. Within 30 working days from the date of receipt of the application, it will be considered by the Dean. After obtaining a positive decision from the Dean, the candidate may continue the recruitment process.


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