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University of Dundee Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology MSc
University of Dundee

Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology MSc

Dundee, United Kingdom

12 Months


Full time

31 Jul 2024

Sep 2024

GBP 20,600 / per year *


* for International students


This course comprises the two concepts of Forensic Archaeology and Forensic Anthropology.

  • Forensic Archaeology makes use of archaeological skills. It does so to assist with locating and recovering human remains and forensic evidence.
  • Forensic Anthropology is the analysis of human remains. This analysis is done for the medico-legal and humanitarian purposes of establishing identity.

There are many reasons why you should study Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology MSc at the University of Dundee.

  • The University of Dundee is ranked 1st in the UK for Forensic Science.
  • This MSc will prepare you for a career in Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology. Both of these play a key role in UK and international investigations in cases of interpersonal violence and homicide, repatriation, mass disasters, and war crimes.

You will learn from forensic experts. They will help you gain a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the skills. This knowledge is needed to search for and recover human remains in a number of different scenarios and analyze and interpret skeletal remains.

You will learn how to write forensic archaeological and skeletal reports. You will learn how these reports are used in the legal process, including presenting evidence as an expert witness in court.

You will develop the practical skills and knowledge required by those who search for missing people. You will be involved in the recovery of remains from clandestine burials.



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