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University of Concepción del Uruguay (Universidad de Concepción del Uruguay (UCU))

University of Concepción del Uruguay (Universidad de Concepción del Uruguay (UCU))

University of Concepción del Uruguay (Universidad de Concepción del Uruguay (UCU))


Part of the history of the province of Entre Ríos undoubtedly passed through the Educational Association “La Fraternidad”. Behind the walls of the old building, there are still the sights and sounds of a past full of glory.

At the end of the 19th century, Concepción del Uruguay looked more like a village than a city, with its unpaved streets, its narrow sidewalks, and the hedges covered with rose bushes; life glided peacefully in a small-town environment.

In this context, around 1870, the historic Colegio del Uruguay "Justo José de Urquiza" grew without pause. The students came almost on pilgrimage from different parts of the country and there, in their classrooms and galleries, cities and provinces merged until they spoke with the different tunes of origin, but with the same student mold.

Towards 1877, the youth of the School was struggling with the sad consequences that for a large part of the students entailed the suppression by the National and Provincial Government of the scholarships that favored many of the students of the Colegio del Uruguay and the Boarding School where they were housed.

This arbitrary measure contributed in a powerful way to reduce the attendance of the National School, allowing only access to its classrooms to the children of this city and those of wealthy people from other parts of the country.

The abolition of these scholarships made it impossible for nearly forty young people to continue their secondary studies, some of whom were on the eve of finishing them.

The main initiator of the idea of ​​the creation of a "Socorro de Socorros", whose main objective was the protection of those students who had been deprived of their scholarships, was an active and enterprising young man named Juan Vidart. He began an intense campaign in favor of needy students, thus generating the birth of the Educational Association "La Fraternidad" on May 14, 1877.


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