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University Of Concepción Chile

University Of Concepción Chile

University Of Concepción Chile


The idea of ​​founding the University of Concepción was an old aspiration of the penquistas. Since the last century, distinguished rectors of the Liceo de Concepción advocated the creation of professional careers under the tutelage of that campus. This idea, which had great support within Penquista society, had not been able to materialize mainly, due to the lack of organization "of all the people who thought this way," says an article in the newspaper El Sur, dated February 1917.

This article could appear overestimated to the Penquista society of the time, but it is based on the impression that the inhabitants of the capital had at the beginning of this century, of the inhabitants of Concepción, vigorous and organized men, with a great spirit of initiative.


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