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University of Brescia

University of Brescia

University of Brescia


The University of Brescia offers a wide range of educational programs with Bachelor’s and Master of Science (MSc) degrees, postgraduate technical courses, schools of specialization and Ph.D. programs in most areas: business and economics, engineering and technology, law, medicine, and surgery.

The University of Brescia is an important university in a city of art and culture with an excellent quality of life, in one of the most important industrial and productive regions in Italy. The University of Brescia provides high-quality services to its students, including international students: counseling services, scholarships financial aids, tutoring, computer and multimedia rooms, wireless zones, libraries, online services, laboratories and centers of advanced scientific research. Moreover, it offers: accommodation services, dining halls, cultural activities and sports, Italian language courses for foreign students.


  • Brescia

    Piazza del Mercato, 15 , 25121, Brescia